Medicare Dentist In Leawood, KS

Finding the Right Medicare Dentist Near Me

Doctor Frank Young accepts a range of medicare insurance plans including United Health Care and Humana among others.

His office is located off of 435 highway at the corner of College and Nall, across the street from Netsmart office building in Leawood Kansas.

To see if you are covered for your needs, give our office a call or find out more about our medicare services below.

Are dental services covered by Medicare?

Your Medicare plan coverage for dental care depends on your plan type. Medicare Parts A and B (Original Medicare) typically offer limited dental coverage.

Because of this, many individuals purchase Medicare Part C, also known as Medicare Advantage for access to dentists.

Medicare Advantage usually includes routine dental services like cleanings and exams in addition to emergency care and cosmetic dentistry in its coverage. However, the specifics of coverage and potential costs vary by plan.

We highly recommend taking the time during medicare enrollment to reach out to us and see which plans would best serve your individual needs.

Accepted medicare advantage insurance plans 

While Doctor Young focuses on United Healthcare Medicare Advantage and Humana Advantage, he is constantly evaluating other plans. Below is the most up-to-date list of popular plans accepted:

  • UnitedHealthcareMedicare Advantage
  • Humana Medicare Advantage
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Advantage (call for more info)
  • Aetna Medicare Advantage (call for more info)
  • Cigna Medicare Advantage (call for more info)

What is covered under medicare dental insurance plans?

Most plans encompass preventive services like oral exams, routine cleanings, and digital x-rays, along with procedures such as fillings and crowns. However, more comprehensive treatments like dentures and bridges are covered but might have specific restrictions or coinsurance attached to them.

For the most accurate information about your coverage, we suggest reaching out to us directly, consulting your insurance provider, or reviewing your summary of benefits. Plans tend to differ concerning covered services, copays, and deductibles.

How much will I pay for dental services with my plan benefits?

While the cost does vary based on your coverage, here are some examples of what we see with common insurance plans.

How much does a routine checkup cost on Medicare?

Routine preventive dental services like oral exams, x-rays, and teeth cleanings are typically covered without any out-of-pocket expenses or coinsurance for the patient.

How much does a crown cost on Medicare?

Crowns are completely covered on many plans but are subject to restrictions such as the number of teeth as well as the overall allowance for dental services.

How much are dentures on medicare advantage?

Some medicare advantage plans fully cover dentures such as the HumanaChoice PPO. Other plans add a 50% coinsurance like the Humana Medicare Advantage HMO plan here.

Are emergency Dental services offered by medicare?

Medicare Part A covers hospital stays for severe medical procedures involving teeth but doesn’t generally cover most dental emergencies.

Medicare Advantage does cover emergency treatments for tooth pain or functional issues.

How does Medicare Insurance work in Leawood?

  • For fully covered services, we bill the insurance provider directly. There is nothing you need to do.
  • For services with a copay, we usually collect this up front.
  • For services with coinsurance, we usually collect these after billing the insurance provider.

Does your leawood dentistry practice accept medicaid?

Currently, we do not accept Medicaid. However, if you’re seeking a referral to a dentist who does accept Medicaid, feel free to reach out to our practice or utilize a doctor locator tool for assistance.

Best Medicare Dentist Locator Tools

If our Leawood office is not convenient for you, we suggest using your insurance provider’s dentist locator tool. While websites like ZocDoc and Yelp can aid in finding Medicare dentists, their information might not be as precise or reliable.